best deposits in sri lanka

ETI is one of the few leading and strongest finance companies in the country, and also the main company of EAP Edirisinghe Consolidated, which was nominated by LMD Magazine (2008) as one of the most-respected business entities in Sri Lanka.

EAP Consolidated has positioned many of its brands in prominent places in the businesses of financial services, property development, jewellery sales, electronic media and film-industry.

ETI has served millions of customers throughout its four decades of successful operations. We have been showing outstanding growth figures and results in all our product areas namely Fixed Deposits, Pawning, Gold Sales, Leasing, Hire-purchase and Property Development. Our performances have been recognized by various reputed national and international bodies in the field of business. To name a few, ETI was awarded with National Business Excellence Award (2008) by NCCSL, a Bronze Award for ETI Annual Report 2008/09 by ARC Awards International (USA), a Certificate of Recognition for the Annual Report 2009/10 by ICASL and many more. Our employees' extra-curricular activities especially in Mercantile Cricket and Corporate Social Responsibility projects have been exemplary.

Under the leadership of the Chairperson and the board, Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Management have created the right HR Culture and established solid systems needed for efficient and effective business operations. All from top to bottom are committed to live with Corporate Values that look into the needs of our valuable customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. Our rapidly expanding business-centre network has helped customers reach our services with enhanced facilities.

Apart from all best management practices, we have been meeting all statutory requirements in time being a registered Finance Company with the Monetary Board of Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Companies Act No. 78 of 1988.